Friday, June 24, 2011

Why do I let this kind of thing bother me???

I post on a mother's board on a semi-regular basis, and something that I have noticed is this:

Why do people who have relatives that watch their children (at no charge) get upset when those relatives pray in front of their children???

I have seen this on several occasions and again just recently.  This last incident was a woman that is pagan and was upset that her MIL says a blessing before meals when her daughter is there.  How dare that woman not change her whole belief system in her OWN home because her DIL does not believe in Christianity. (note the sarcasm)

This woman even mentioned that this is the only time she seems to "force" her views on her daughter, but feels she is being disrespected.

My feelings..... If you don't want your MIL "corrupting" your daughter..... then find someone else to watch her for you.  Of course, it will involve having to pay for their services, but if you are paying for a service, you have more room to choose what your child is exposed to and not in their care!

Okay..... rant over. :-)

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