Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 winding down.

With only about 25 hours left to 2011, I thought I would take some time and reflect on the previous year and contemplate the coming one.

I did not stick to a grocery budget as well as I would have liked last year.  I blame it on working full time, going to school full time and some other family events going on, but lets be honest, that is just an excuse.

I plan to get back to a set grocery budget and then STICK to IT!  I recently looked at what the government's USDA website listed for a monthly grocery budget for a family of 4 and on their thrifty plan, they think I should be spending $637.50 for food.  I know I have not done that, even in my worst months.

Now, when I include "J" my total would be $757.15 a month.  YIKES!  I know I can easily do a nice array of meals for $400.00 a month!  I believe that is what I will work towards as a monthly budget.

January will be a goal of $400.00.  I will post as the month goes along to see how I am doing.

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