Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 2 of my June Challenge

Today was a very busy day!

My 5th grader had her race today.  What race do you ask... well, 5th graders get to pick "clubs" for Friday resource time and my daughter is in the STEM club. (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math)  For the past two months they have been building a raft from completely recycled/recyclable items for a raft race today.

There were only 4 rafts entered in the contest.  Two middle school clubs and one other elementary school.  Their raft came in last, but that was because they tipped and insisted on swimming in while pulling their raft.  One of the middle school groups won, but our class got an award for having a raft that was 100% recyclable and as the judge announced "for showing true valor and dedication" for being determined to finish the race.

Those kids were thrilled!  After the race each of the kids in the club took turns rowing the raft in the shallow end of the lake and had a great time.  We will be placing the award, plus their banners in the school lobby for all to see how great they did and how well they represented their school!

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