Sunday, August 5, 2012

USDA Food Costs for June 2012

The USDA has put up their numbers for June.  For our family the monthly cost that the government thinks we should be spending on their "thrifty" plan is $763.13.  WOW, that is more than I spend, but a long shot.

I have not calculated their other levels, I am not sure I can handle it. LOL


  1. Is that per person or for a family of 4?

    It's lowderra, by the way. If it's person, that is more than we spend (I think). Not including meals out, and I could give that up if I had to.

  2. That is for a family of 5. I included Jenny, but not Riley. She does get food stamps, but then she also eats alot of her meals here from what I buy.