Saturday, January 12, 2013


Here is what I have so far:

Tonight:  Son made Tomato chicken over rice and our neighbors brought over some chicken noodle soup since the yucks have been visiting. :-)

Jan. 13:     French onion soup (crockpot)
Jan. 14:     Homemade pizza
Jan. 15:     Leftovers night
Jan. 16:     Potato soup
Jan. 17:     Venison Stew
Jan. 18:     Tacos
Jan. 19:     Jam Chicken over rice
Jan. 20:     Venison Roast
Jan. 21:     Chili
Jan. 22:     Leftover night
Jan. 23:     Salad night

Not quite two weeks, but 10 days are not bad.  I feel like I can not think of anything new or interesting.

Jan. 13-- Change is being made.  I have way too much in the fridge NOT to do a leftovers night.  So, the menu will just move one day and move the leftovers day to where it is needed.  So... 11 days of meals instead of 10. Yay me!

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