Sunday, November 24, 2013

Back to Basics--Food Costs

So, I decided to take a gander at the USDA's website concerning monthly food costs.  For our household, their "thrifty" plan would have me spending $839.80 a month on food.  Let me tell you that I don't spend that a month even when I don't follow a budget!

I need to get my monthly spending back down to $350.00 a month because I want to use the $50.00 for prepping supplies.  Since we are beginning December soon, I decided this is a good time to get myself back into the groove.  December usually has some good sales on basics, so I hope to use that to get a jump start on my pantry principle way of shopping.  I have also been fortunate that DH has gotten several deer already this season with the potential to get many more.  I already have at least 40 lbs* of ground venison in the freezer, along with a few roasts, so that will help with meat costs each month.

I need to dig out my old posts about price books and other ways to cut food costs and refresh my memories.  It also helps that it is the winter season and stews and soups are more cost saving meals.

*I am sure it is more than that, but do not feel like going to check right now.  I do plan to get a good inventory of the freezer soon so that I know what I have on hand so I can decide how much to spend if I find a really GOOD deal at the store.

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