Monday, March 7, 2011


Is that a dirty word to you? (Or is it just me????)

I am trying to get into the habit of walking a minimum of 20 minutes a day.  So far, I have done three days in a row.  Not a lot, but it is a start.

We have a treadmill, so there is no excuse.....other than just not wanting to!  I am now recording things that I only get to watch while I am walking.  I tried to have a favorite book as my incentive, but found that I can not read and walk.  At least, not if I don't want to get nauseous. :-X

Once the weather warms up, and dries up, I hope to do more outside.  But until then, my treadmill will be my new friend!

To date:  Walked three days in a row for a total of 2.26 miles.

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